Legind MIP (Multilevel Intelligence Platform)

Legind Technologies’ EW/EA-supporting Multilevel Intelligence Platform framework

Law Enforcement

The products (tools) primarily for Law Enforcement are:

The tools are presented under the main menu Products.

The tools are backed by a number of research and technological development project as presented under the main menu Projects and related university research.

The tools can be provided independently, tailored to the individual LEA use, and integrated into the LEA system.

They can be combined in the framework of the Multilevel Intelligence Platform (Legind MIP), for instance, the Situation Assessment (Legind SA) combined with the Connection Finder (Legind CF).


While the tools provided for law enforcement are also relevant for customs, we offer—in the general Multilevel Intelligence Platform framework (Legind MIP)—for customs agencies, an overall framework for Customs Risk Management (CRiM) as illustrated below.