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Find the needle in the data stack

… without trying a number of terms, words, spelling variants, etc.

General search engines are often not suitable for an organization’s special needs for searching in their data sources. The Legind SE search engine offers a dedicated solution tailored to the needs. The engine automates semantic search, recognizing:

1) search topics also when other words are used in the data (e.g., in a document), and

2) search terms despite their misspellings and spelling variants in the data.

An example of organisations with special needs is law enforcement agencies (LEAs).

LEA investigators often has to search large datasets for finding needed specific information. However, providing a search string that will retrieve all relevant information is often not possible, due to different terms applied for the same (or similar) concept, different ways to write a person name, spellings variants and misspellings in the data, etc.

Legind SE supports such investigative search, finding to a high degree all relevant items, and provides in general an effective and efficient search solution where high recall is required and the human resources for searching are limited.

A conference series on related research is the International Conference on Flexible Query Answering Systems (FQAS).