Legind Technologies is connecting the dots ... We build advanced software for specialized search and for data driven situation assessment, early warning and decision support

We offer

Advanced tools for specialized applications in, for example, law enforcement’s crime fighting and investigation, competitor monitoring, insurance fraud investigation, investigative journalism, and citizen involvement in Smart Cities.


The tools are backed by computer science research and security research in the EU framework programs. The tools can be adapted to the user organization’s needs and requirements for functionality, security and integrability in its IT infrastructure, etc.

Products (tools) overview

Connection Finder

Connecting entities in large datasets

Finding meaning and helping to solve the case

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Situation Assessment

Assessing the threat situation in data streams

Early warning for early action

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Vulnerability Analyzer

Analyse vulnerabilities in infrastructures

Identify the most likely points of attack and the optimal prevention

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Search Engine

Find the needle in the data stack

... without trying a number of terms, words, spelling variants, etc.

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Privacy protection

All tools are developed to respect the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and further considerations for ethical and legal requirements to the organization’s use of the data, e.g., the “need-to-know” principle for the user’s access to data and their analytics results. Privacy security functions have been integrated in the tools by their design.