Legind Technologies A/S

Legind Technologies A/S (LT) is a privately-owned limited company (Ltd., in Danish: A/S) in the SME category.

LT was created as a spin-off from the CEO’s research as university professor in computer science.

LT’s main RTD areas include semantic search engines, flexible query-answering systems, situation recognition technology, imperfection & uncertainty management, criteria aggregation and decision making, recommendation systems, artificial intelligence, voice analytics and speech understanding.

LT’s product development and commercialisation activities have mainly been through dedicated subsidiaries.

LT participates in H2020 project COPKIT (2018 – 2021) on R&D of technology for Early-Warning / Early-Action led Policing for fighting organized crime, and participated in the FP7 project ePOOLICE (2013 – 2015) on big open data utilization for early warning of organized crime threats.

LT’s R&D in these projects includes R&D of technology and tools for integrating and analysing data from multiple diverse, open and closed sources for recognising organised crime threats.

As related to these projects, LT’s experience includes a longer period of collaboration with the National Centre of Investigation (NEC) at the Danish National Police for development of an investigative search engine.

LT further participates in the ITEA 3 Project CityStory (2019 – 2022) on creating a creative, intelligent, safe and social storytelling platform for Smart Cities. LT’s contribution in this project includes R&D of technology and tools for spoken story understanding (including speech recognition), aggregating the individual stories into the bigger stories, and monitoring the development of story topics as relevant for Smart City applications.