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Connecting entities in large datasets

Finding meaning and helping to solve the case

Finding potentially interesting connections is an essential part of investigative research. However, often data are unstructured (text), the same thing is represented in different ways in different data sources (e.g., in different documents and even within the same document), and are part of different silos, internal, as well as external, to the organisation. Identifying interesting connections, considering all relevant data sources, in due time is practically impossible without a proper tool.

Legind CF (Connection Finder) provides an advanced solution to this. Potentially interesting connections between entities (e.g., suspects, bank accounts, organizations, …) are found even if the connection is through a number of intermediary links and hidden in semi-structured data.

The findings are visualized graphically with the essential information for an intuitive, fast overview. In monitoring mode, the CF can monitor a stream of data (structured, as well as semi-structured or unstructured text), showing connections based on data in real time, and alerting in cases connections of particular interest are found.